Everything into a frame - our iframe solution

Countless posibilities

xamoom's ambition is to continuously evolve the xamoom CMS. But always with the principle of not reinventing the wheel, if someone else can do something better, we do not have to build it ourselves. This is the idea behind our iframe solution.

Many third party vendors are the best in their field and offer their services for integration via an iframe.

Examples are:

  • 3D animationen
  • virtual reality
  • Ticket solutions
  • shops
  • tour portal
  • and many more ..

How does it work

The new xamoom iframe feature can be found under the usual xamoom content blocks.

Simply click on the content block 'iframe':

A input field will appear. Just paste the HTML snippet from the third party service there. VoilĂ !

The code snippet is automatically adjusted after pasting into the input field. We also offer an option called 'fullscreen' to include a single block of content that fills the entire screen.

(Note: you can obviously only have one block if you use the fullscreen feature)

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