Safely deleting stuff

We cover your back! You cannot delete stuff that is important for your visitors.

We all know these “404 – Not Found” pages on the web, and we hate them. In conventional content management systems it is easy to delete a file or a page that is needed somewhere else.

xamoom makes this not only hard but impossible. You cannot remove stuff that is needed in another place.

So, you should never run into problems or inconsistencies. But if you want to delete something, it is getting a bit harder.

How to delete

You delete media files in the media library by clicking the red X button that appears if you hover over a media file.

If the media file is in use, you'll get a warning with a red banner.

A media file can only be deleted, if it is nowhere else connected. If you want to delete something anyway, you first have to remove the item with its content block on the page.

To find out where the media file is being used, click on the “?” at the top right corner.

How to delete them anyway

A pop-up displays a list of all location where the media file is being used. Click on the “Edit” link to edit the document and delete all blocks that contain the file that you want to delete.

Pages that are not active (but inactive or event in the garbage) cannot be displayed to the end-user. Thus, change the state or deleting a page could lead to inconsistencies.

If you want to go on, you need to do some changes using the “?” link in the upper right corner.

This applies to:

  • media files that are part of a page (images, downloads, audio)
  • images that are used as cover images for pages and spots
  • pages that are connected to spots (locations or objects)
  • pages that are connected on other pages – e.g. in links using the content block “page”
  • pages that are used with conditional content

All these objects cannot be deleted, nor can they be made inactive.

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