Events: Pages with Time and Location

Within xamoom, you can market your events perfectly – with great value for your potential visitors.

Every company, artist, or institution has events – from a festival over readings to a conference.

To market these events accordingly, you only need to add time and location to your pages. To enable the feature in xamoom, switch on the “Time and Location” feature in the settings.

As a result, you will see a new box on the right side of a page.

In this box, you can enter a location and time.

For the location, enter a spot's name. In any case, you should create a location (called “spot”) first.

The start and end time is chosen with the date/time picker below.

As a result, your users see the event information below the page's title and at the end of the page.

These are links that are really helpful for your future guests:

  • A tap on the time link opens the calendar and saves the event in the user's calendar.
  • A tap on the location link opens the navigation app and brings the guest to the event's spot.

There are a few things that are optional on Time & Location:

  • Time: In this case, only the location is shown on the page, which is handy if you want to help users navigate to a spot.
  • The end time of an event is also optional.
  • Location: This can also be optional – for events that take place in a variety of different locations. Just think of a solar eclipse or Christmas.

Of course, this works in apps as well as the mobile web.

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