Security for you precious content

You can securely protect pages from being seen by the wrong people.

Your content is precious and some of it is not for everyone. There are a lot of cases where you might want to protect certain pages from being seen by everyone. Here are a few examples:

  • You want to sell the audio guide at the museum's entrance. For a few Dollar, the visitor gets a 4-digit code to unlock it.*
  • Only certified maintenance personel should see certain documents regarding a machine's well-being.
  • The page with the information for the winner of a sweepstake shall only be accessible if someone has got the right code.

These and other use cases are possible with xamoom's Security Package. To enable it, just switch it on in the settings

As a result, you will see a new box at the right side of a page.

* Attention: Be aware that Apple and Google do not like to see this since both want to get their share with in-app-purchases.

The side panel of the Security Package shows you the two possibilities you got:

  • spot only: the content can only be accessed if it is bound to a spot and the user has the associated marker. In other words: the user is really at the site or in proximity to the object you want.
  • password: the user knows the password/code for a certain page.

If password is set, the user is prompted with a password field. If he enters it three times with the wrong password/code, he receives a page where you can explain the cause. This page is tagged with x-forbidden.

If spot only is set and the user accesses the page with it's normal URL, this x-forbidden page is shown too.

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